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Geology & Soil
  The Mountain ranges traversing through the State are considered as the post Jurassic uplifts due to the continental movements. These regions show similarities with some of the mountains in Sri Lanka. Precambrian rock consisting mainly of gneisses, charconites and schists is an important feature of this region. The soil formation has been influenced by climate, geology, relief and biotic interactions. Due to high heterogeneity in the topography, the soil differs from place to place. Soil along the coastal plains consists of beaches, sand stones, swamps, marshes and coastal laterite. The soil along the midland is composed of laterite soil. It is subjected to exposure from various physical factors. It contains high concentration of metals like Iron, Aluminium, Manganese, etc. with relatively low concentrations of lighter elements and organic contents. The soil in this region is more or less sandy or clayey in texture and moderately drained. The soil in the hills and uplands is deep and well drained with high gravel content. It is rich in minerals and organic contents. Soil type influences the distribution of plants in this region. The alluvial soil drained from slopes forms deep deposits in the river valleys and plateaus. The peculiar low altitude marshy areas in the uplands are due to this phenomenon.

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