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  Vigna vexillata var. wightii
  Family: FABACEAE/LEGUMINOSAE (Subfam.: Papilionoideae)
  Citation:  Vigna vexillata (L.) A. Rich. var. wightii (Benth. ex Bedd.) Babu & Sharma, Bull. Bot. Surv. India 27: 28. 1987; Ramach. & V.J. Nair, Fl. Cannanore Dist. 160. 1988; Sanjappa, Legumes Ind. 278. 1992; Sasidh. et al., Bot. Stud. Med. Pl. Kerala 10. 1996; M. Mohanan & Henry, Fl. Thiruvanthapuram 162. 1994; Sasidh. & Sivar., Fl. Pl. Thrissur For. 158. 1996; Sasidh., Fl. Chinnar WLS 108. 1999; Mohanan & Sivad., Fl. Agasthyamala 225. 2002. Vigna wightii Benth. ex Bedd., Trans. Linn. Soc. London 25: 215. 1865; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 2: 206. 1876; Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 365(257). 1918.
  Malayalam Name(s):
  Tamil name(s):
  English name(s):
  Description: Twiners, pubescent. Terminal leaflet to 8.5 x 6 cm, laterals to 7 x 4.5 cm, ovate, apex obtuse, mucronate, base rounded, oblique at the base, puberulus above, densely silky pubescent below; petiole to 7 cm, petiolule 0.5 cm, tomentose, stipule 5 mm, ovate, stipel linear. Racemes axillary, to 10 cm, 2-4 flowered; flowers light purple; bracts 2 mm, pedicels 2 mm; calyx 6 mm, campanulate, lobes 6 mm, unequal, ciliate; corolla 2.5 cm long; standard petal orbicular, clawed; keel united; staminal tube 1.5 cm, filaments 1 cm; ovary 1 cm, pubescent, style 2 cm, bearded, stigma oblique. Pod 13 x 0.8 cm, terete, pilose, acuminate at the apex; seeds 6 x 4 mm, black.
  Habit: Climber
  Flowering & Fruiting: November-December
  District(s): Idukki, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Palakkad, Wayanad
  Habitat: Moist deciduous forests
  Distribution: Southern Western Ghats
  Aquatic: No
  Epiphyte(s): No
  Saprophyte: No
  Stem parasite: No
  Root parasite: No
  Flower colour(s): Pink, Blue
  Weed: No
  Monocot/Dicot: Dicotyledonous Plants
  Exotic: No
  Garden: No
  Edible: No
  Vegetable: No
  Endemic to: Southern Western Ghats
  IUCN status:
  Altitude: 400-800
  Localities: Ponmudi, Ichampetty, Olikkudy, Thayanankkudy, Tolpetty, Tirunalli, Ponmudi, Kallar, Bonaccord
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