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  Calophyllum inophyllum
  Citation:  Calophyllum inophyllum L., Sp. Pl. 513. 1753; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 1: 273. 1874; Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 76(55). 1915; Manilal & Sivar., Fl. Calicut 41. 1982; Mohanan, Fl. Quilon Dist. 79. 1984; Ansari, Fl. Kasaragod Div. 69. 1985; Ramach. & V.J. Nair, Fl. Cannanore Dist. 54. 1988; Antony, Syst. Stud. Fl. Kottayam Dist. 72. 1989; Babu, Fl. Malappuram Dist. 44. 1990; N.P. Singh in B.D. Sharma & Sanjappa, Fl. India 3: 92. 1993; M. Mohanan & Henry, Fl. Thiruvanthapuram 70. 1994; W. Arisdason & P. Daniel in P. Daniel, Fl. Kerala 1: 332. 2005; Sunil & Sivadasan, Fl. Alappuzha Dist. 108. 2009. Calophyllum bintagor Roxb., Fl. Ind. 2: 606. 1832. Calophyllum blumei Wight, Illustr. 1: 128. 1840.
  Malayalam Name(s): Pinna, Punna, Surampunna
  Tamil name(s):
  English name(s): Alexandrian laurel, Beauty Leaf, Dilo oil tree, Indian laurel, Oil-nut Tree, Tamanu
  Description: Tree, to 20 m tall; bark smooth or with boat-shaped fissures, brown to pale grey; exudate milky or yellow; branchlets compressed, slightly flat or 4-angled, glabrous. Leaves broadly elliptic-oblong or obovate, cuneate to rounded at base, slightly recurved and margined, rounded, acute, slightly emarginate, retuse or sub-acute at apex, 6-15 x 3-10.5 cm, coriaceous, glabrous; midnerve channelled above; raised beneath; lateral nerves 4-20 pairs; petioles flat, 1-1.7 cm long, glabrous. Racemes axillary, 5-12 cm long, (5-)7-12 flowered. Flowers polygamous, 2-2.5 cm across, white, fragrant; bracts ovate, 3-4 mm long, caducous; pedicels 1-3 cm long, glabrous. Sepals 4, reflexed; outer pair ovate to suborbicular, concave, 5.5-6.5 x 4.5-6.5 mm, nerved; the inner subelliptic, 9-15 x 7.5-9.5 mm, petaloid, nerved. Petals usually 4, rarely 3 or 5, obovate to elliptic or oblong, reflexed, 9-12 x 5-9 mm, rarely glabrous, nerved. Stamens (175-) 210-360(-440); filaments 3.5-5.5 mm long, connate for 1.5 mm into 4-6 bundles, cream coloured; anthers rounded or retuse at apex, 0.7-2 mm long. Ovary globose-depressed, 2.5-3 x 2.8-3 mm, stipitate; style 4.5-6.5 mm long; stigmas peltate, 3-5 radiate, 0.7-2 mm across. Drupes globose to obovoid, short apiculate, 2.5-5 x 2.5-4 cm, smooth; stone subglobose, ca 2 cm across.
  Habit: Tree
  Flowering & Fruiting: December-January
  District(s): Kottayam, Alappuzha, Palakkad, Kasaragode, Kollam, Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram, Malappuram, Kozhikkode, Thrissur, Ernakulam
  Medicinal: Yes
  Habitat: In plains along the banks of rivers and mangrove forests, also planted in the parks and roadsides
  Distribution: Paleotropics
  Aquatic: Yes
  Epiphyte(s): No
  Saprophyte: No
  Stem parasite: No
  Root parasite: No
  Flower colour(s): White
  Weed: No
  Monocot/Dicot: Dicotyledonous Plants
  Exotic: No
  Garden: No
  Edible: No
  Vegetable: No
  Endemic to:
  IUCN status:
  Localities: Kumbla, Kasaragod, Kayamkulam
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