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  Bauhinia scandens var. anguina
  Family: FABACEAE/LEGUMINOSAE (Subfam.: Caesalpinioideae)
  Citation:  Bauhinia scandens L. var. anguina (Roxb.) Ohashi, J. Jap. Bot. 63: 159. 1988; Sanjappa, Legumes Ind. 5. 1992; Sasidh. & Sivar., Fl. Pl. Thrissur For. 160. 1996; Sasidh., Fl. Shenduruny WLS 105. 1997; Sivar. & Mathew, Fl. Nilambur 229. 1997. Bauhinia anguina Roxb., Pl. Corom. Pl. t. 285. 1820 & Fl. Ind. 2: 328. 1832; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 2: 284. 1878; Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 408(289). 1919. Lasiobema anguinum (Roxb.) Korth. ex Miq., Fl. Ind. Bat. 1: 71. 1855. Lasiobema scandens (L.) de Wit, Reinwardtia 3: 427. 1956; Ansari, Fl. Kasaragod Div. 145. 1985.
  Malayalam Name(s): Nagavalli, Pambuvalli
  Tamil name(s):
  English name(s):
  Description: Lianas, mature stem twisted regularly and ultimately splitting along the middle; tendrils leaf-opposed, young shoots glabrous. Leaves lobed to 1/3 of their length, lobes caudate-acuminate, membranous, glabrous, to 10 x 7 cm; basally 5-7 nerved. Flowers clustered on the branches of terminal panicles. Calyx lobes ovoid, 1 mm long. Petals white, oblong, 3 mm long. Pods oblong, flat, narrowed and oblique at base, to 5 x 2.5 cm; seeds 1 or 2.
  Habit: Climber
  Flowering & Fruiting: September-March
  District(s): Idukki, Kasaragode, Malappuram, Kollam, Thrissur
  Medicinal: Yes
  Habitat: Semi-evergreen forests
  Distribution: Indo-Malesia
  Aquatic: No
  Epiphyte(s): No
  Saprophyte: No
  Stem parasite: No
  Root parasite: No
  Flower colour(s): White
  Weed: No
  Monocot/Dicot: Dicotyledonous Plants
  Exotic: No
  Garden: No
  Edible: No
  Vegetable: No
  Endemic to:
  IUCN status:
  Localities: Peechi, Vellanimala, Rosemala, Taliparamba, Pooyamkutty, Cherupuzha
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