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  Dolichandrone spathacea
  Citation:  Dolichandrone spathacea (L. f.) K. Schum., Fl. Kais. Wilh. Land. 123. 1889; Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 996(700). 1924; Manilal & Sivar., Fl. Calicut 210. 1982; Ansari, Fl. Kasaragod Div. 269. 1985; Babu, Fl. Malappuram Dist. 554. 1990; Sunil & Sivadasan, Fl. Alappuzha Dist. 523. 2009. Bignonia spathacea L.f., Suppl. Pl. 283. 1781. Dolichandrone rheedei (Spreng.) Seem., J. Bot. 8: 380. 1870; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 379. 1884. Spathodea rheedei Spreng., Syst. Veg. 2: 835. 1825.
  Malayalam Name(s): Neerpongilium
  Tamil name(s):
  English name(s):
  Description: Moderate sized deciduous trees, to 18 m high; bark greyish-brown; bole smooth. Leaves compound, imparipinnate opposite, estipulate; rachis 23-30 cm long, stout, glabrous; leaflets 5-9, opposite; petiolule upto 6 mm, stout, glabrous; lamina 7.5-15.2 x 2.5-7.5, rhomboid or ovate, elliptic, ovate-lanceolate; base oblique; apex acuminate; margin entire, glabrous and shiny. Flowers bisexual, white, 3-4 together on terminal short erect corymbs; calyx spathaceous, cleft to the base on one side, spathe acuminate at tip; corolla 10-18 cm long, tube long, slender below, widening half way to a funnel; lobes 5, 10 cm, spreading, crisped; stamens 4, didynamous, included; disc annular; ovary sessile; ovules many; style long; stigma 2 lobed. Fruit a capsule, to 45 x 2.5 cm, purplish-brown; seeds winged, flat, rectangular, 1.6 cm across.
  Habit: Tree
  Flowering & Fruiting: June-August
  District(s): Alappuzha, Kasaragode, Malappuram, Kozhikkode, Kannur, Thrissur, Ernakulam
  Habitat: Along banks of rivers or mangrove swamps
  Distribution: South and South East Asia
  Aquatic: Yes
  Epiphyte(s): No
  Saprophyte: No
  Stem parasite: No
  Root parasite: No
  Flower colour(s): White
  Weed: No
  Monocot/Dicot: Dicotyledonous Plants
  Exotic: No
  Garden: No
  Edible: No
  Vegetable: No
  Endemic to:
  IUCN status:
  Localities: Payyanur, Kasaragod, Thanneermukkam
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