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  Cannabis sativa ssp. indica
  Citation:  Cannabis sativa L. ssp. indica (Lam.) Small & Cronq., Taxon 25: 426. 1976. Cannabis indica Lam., Encycl. 1: 695. 1785. Cannabis sativa sensu Roxb., Fl. Ind. 3: 772. 1832, non L. 1753; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 5: 487. 1888; Gamble, Fl. Pres. Madras 1350(945). 1928; Mohanan, Fl. Quilon Dist. 385. 1984; Sasidh., Fl. Periyar Tiger Reserve 389. 1998.
  Malayalam Name(s): Kanchavu, Sivamooli
  Tamil name(s):
  English name(s): Gallow grass, Indian hemp, Marijuana, Mary Jane, True hemp, Soft hemp
  Description: Shrubs 1-3 m tall, branchlets densely white pubescent. Leaves alternate; (3-)7-15 x 0.5-1.5(-2) cm with longest in middle, lanceolate to linear, apex acuminate, coarsely serrate abaxially whitish green, strigose, and with scattered brownish resinous dots, adaxially dark green and with cystolith hairs; petiole 2-7 cm long; stipules linear. Male inflorescences ca. 25 cm, flowers yellowish green, nodding; pedicel 2-4 mm, slender; sepals ovate to lanceolate, 2.5-4 mm, membranous, sparsely hairy; petals absent; filament 0.5-1 mm; anthers oblong. Female inflorescences crowded in apical leaf axils among leafy bracts and bracteoles, flowers: green, sessile; calyx sparsely pubescent; ovary globose, more or less enclosed by the calyx, surrounded closely by bract and bracteoles; persistent bracts yellow. Achenes 2-5 mm, flattened ovoid, finely reticulate.
  Habit: Shrub
  Flowering & Fruiting: Throughout the year
  District(s): Kollam, Idukki, Palakkad
  Medicinal: Yes
  Habitat: Illegally cultivated in forest areas
  Distribution: Probably native of Central Asia
  Aquatic: No
  Epiphyte(s): No
  Saprophyte: No
  Stem parasite: No
  Root parasite: No
  Flower colour(s): Creamy, White
  Weed: No
  Monocot/Dicot: Dicotyledonous Plants
  Exotic: Yes
  Garden: No
  Edible: No
  Vegetable: No
  Endemic to:
  IUCN status:
  Localities: Thannikkudy, Munnar
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